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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sidle Up To My Bar and ReName My Avatar

We need a new Avatar. If you don't know what the avatar is look to the pretty landcape picture to the left of the text on our Boomers front page.

You may have noticed as I have, that it has nothing to do with Baby Boomers. Don't you think it should? Within  Etsy we have very few freedoms of choice, but we can choose our avatar. So let's get going and find a great picture that SHOUTS Baby Boomers!  An avatar that we will be proud of,

We have talked about this before, but now let's get down to business.Some rules to go by.

1DO NOT Send in to me an IDEA. An entry is  a completed picture ready to upload.

 2.  Do not make known on the Threads your idea or what you have come up with
      (This is a contest with a real prize, don't give your idea away).

 3.Your ENTRY is not ready to be entered until it is a COMPLETE PICTURE  " 170 x100 "pixels, it must
    be  uploadable

4. I will open a thread specific to this contest I will call it "ReName My Avatar" and  that is where you
     you can contact me. If  you are entering this contest you will need to tell me. You can leave that info            on this thread.. We will be watching the calendar from now on.  
               A.  If you are going to participate you will need to leave a message on the "ReName My                        Avatar" Thread letting me know by July 12, 2011
               B.   Check In.  If you are still intending on doing this contest leave message on July 19  19,                 let just to say You are continuing on the contest.
               C.  July 26, 2011 will be your last check in
               D.  On Aug. 1,2011 you will upload your entry on this same Thread. By Aug 2 all                                                 entries should be entered. the contest is closed.
               E.  A panel of 3 people will decide on the winner.
               F.  We can;t say precisely what the prize will be, but you have seen for quite a few weeks                             your  team mates  and maybe you have been contributing many nice things for the prizes we
                    are giving to the winners of this contest.

              G. You probably don't need any reminding what early life was like for the boomers, But I   would                    think back to the 50"s and 60"s, I can't get that car hop at A&W Root Beer bringiing those
                   trays around to hang on the car window with those rootbeer mugs. Maybe cuz I was one.
                   Think back to where you were and what you were doing, and I'm certain you can come up
                   with things we'll have a hard time deciding on.

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